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Frances was born in the United Kingdom. Prior to receiving her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Arizona in 1988, where she wrote for and edited the Arizona Law Review, Frances worked in Colorado as a newspaper reporter. Her commitment to public service led her to work for Southern Arizona Legal Aid and the Native American Tohono O’Odham Advocate Program. She teaches for The Writers Studio Tucson. She writes poetry and fiction, and is presently completing a novel.


Frances' "Time Travel" essay will appear in Wanderlust Journal in April 2018.   "Buddha's Post" can be found in Flash Fiction Magazine.  Her children's books, "Picky McPickster," "My Uncle's Fireworks," and "Stanley Stan the Weather Man," have been published by RT Productions. She is a contributing author to “World of Criminal Justice,” (2001) “Encyclopedia of Everyday Law,” (2002) “Notable Black American Women,” (2002) and “American Law,” (2003) all published by The Gale Group (Thomson/West)


Frances completed her undergraduate degree cum laude in Humanities, minor in Creative Writing, from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She previously taught Media Law at the University of Arizona Journalism School.  She currently teaches at The Tucson Writers Studio.  The Writers Studio is a successful writing program based in New York City, founded by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Phillip Schultz.


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Frances Lynch

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From WEEU's Nick Lawrence

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Picky McPickster and Stanley Stan The Weatherman, by author Frances Lynch and Illustrator, Helen Corbett, are two delightfully entertaining children's books. Although written for a young audience, adults will enjoy the themes of: perfectionism, self awareness, and self acceptance. Deliciously illustrated with characters that we all can relate to, you'll want to read both books out loud to enjoy the subtle rhyming that Frances has woven into the fabric of each book. Whether, as a gift to someone else, or a gift to yourself, you'll love these great little stories.